Sunday, October 16, 2005

one very happy scrappy chappy

hi all...just come home from a retreat at SAM. totally exhausted, but had such a great 24 hours away from home. I am all refreshed and ready to start the week anew! I love my friends (you know who you are :)) and feel so inspired to scrap up a storm.
We spent the first half of last week at Caloundra with my mum. The kids had an unreal time at the beach...Thomas learnt to boogie board. he even got dumped a couple of times, but still came up smiling. So out of character for him.
To my dismay, I have discovered that my darling little precious daughter is a sand eater! LOL! I was so proud of my boys. They never stooped so low as to eat dirt, or cockies or anything that often finds its way into toddler's mouths! Not that I ever discovered anyway! Then there is Audrey, who seems to enjoy a bit of a sandwich (HAHA). It could be worse I suppose!
Can't wit to get stuck into some scrapping this week. I have converted another friend and she loves the shopping part as much as the scrapping part, so we are all set! Have a great week!

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Roz said...

hey Ang! I have found your blog lol!!

It was so great to catch up with you on the weekend, you are so much fun!!

I thought your camera looked like a newie, you lucky thing! totally jealous here lol!

Your kids are just so beautiful :o)

Roz xo