Saturday, April 29, 2006

Thomas is 5!

My eldest son is five! It seems so old, so grown up. He has had the BEST week with celebrations and presents almost every day. today he had some of his frinds over for a little party. It started out being a couple of close friends, then we had brothers and sisters coming along (which was fine!), then we invited a few kids from school, his new friends and before I knew it there were 20 kids in the back yard! I was up til 2am last night turning the outdoor area into a bat cave...sort of! I'll post some more pics here when I put them on the computer.

I can't believe that Thomas is now 5 years old...that means I have been a mum for 5 years! I have been a parent for longer than I was a full time teacher so I should be an expert by now...but it is one crazy rollercoaster of a ride being a parent and I don't think anyone could ever call themselves an expert!

I went to a fundraising crop at Deb's last was great to catch up with all the SAM girls. Everyone looks so well! I didn't get much done was too much fun socialising!
We have been looking forward to going to see the builder this week...he has the top floor plan ready for us to see...very exciting! I am having new ideas every day, I am just waiting to win lotto so I can do it all!
A special mention to my friend Kelly, who is expecting twins in a couple of weeks...I really admire her being able to stick out the pregnancy with such is a real achievement! I can't wait for the babies to be born...I will be surrogate aunty to them...Kel you won't be able to get rid of me!!!


Alicia said...

Glad the party went well. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the cave. I love Audrey's dress. Last night was fun, although I didn;t get anything actually finished. Oh well.

Sue said...

Do wish Thomas a Happy Birthday from me Ang. I look forward to seeing him and all of you in just a couple of weeks now !


Sara Pearcy said...

Happy Birthday to Thomas! A Mum for five years!! Amazing, isn't it?

Hope things went well with the builder. It is so exciting designing and building. Glad to hear you are enjoying it!

xx S.

Marni said...

Soooooo good to see an up-date. Wow Thomas is looking so big now! Love Audrey's dress it is just so pretty.

If you see Kel (which I know you will) can you wish her all the best for me and let her know I'm thinking of her.