Friday, June 16, 2006

Audrey the poser!

So I went shopping yesterday. Nothing new there!!! I bought a couple of outfits for Audrey. Nothing new there either (hehehe)! But when I got home and showed her her new clothes...she was so cute. She HAD to put them on straight away and when I said, 'go and show the boys' she wiggled her little hips all the way down the hallway and stood there, posing til the boys acknowledged her existance! So precious!

She is constantly in trouble these days...getting into cupboards, claiming everything as "my" and even pinching! I know it's just a stage, she is too sweet a girl to be like that for long!

Greg and I had a night away for the long weekend. We went to the Hyatt at Coolum and had a 'couples package' that included champers and wine on arrival, breakfast and a treatment at the spa! Never had such a posh night, and it was lovely. The resort is actually very casual...not what I expected at all, but gladly accepted!

We also got to have a look around at some display homes on the north side of Brisbane. We are so comfortable here, I think we are losing motivation to build our new home...but we need to focus and get going...I can't have number 4 baby til we have built and moved and now I am over 30 the clock is ticking!!!!!

I am looking forward to the weekend today. I think we are taking Joseph and Thomas to Cars tomorrow and then on Sunday we'll be having a day trip to Dreamworld!! YAY!!! Sue will be joining us there, so that will be good!

Some sad news though. I have been very blessed to still have all of my grandparents in my life. They are 93, 91, 89 and 87 this year! My pop, who is 89 has been quite ill for many years after suffering a couple of strokes. He has been in hospital for the past month with chest infections and a few other complications, and has had to endure two more strokes. It is really hard to see him so helpless and vulnerable, he was such a strong man. So spare a thought for him...and my nana who is right by his side as I type!

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Alicia said...

I hope your Grandparents are OK Ang. You are so lucky to have had them for such a long time.

Glad you and Greg had a nice time away. It must have been nice to get to spend some time with him, after all his work hours.