Saturday, June 24, 2006

Here is the only layout I can post of my poppy. The others have never been scanned and are in storage, so for now it will have to do. The photos were from Anzac Day 2005, the last ceremony he was able to attend.
His funeral is tomorrow. Dad has asked me to do a reading. Hope I am OK. Thank you so much to everyone who has contacted me over the past few is so nice to know that people really do care.

As the scanner is broken at the moment I have had to photograph my LO...still learning there!
I am feeling a bit nostalgic at the moment, so last night I pulled out these pics of Audrey in one of my dresses from my babyhood. I love how well the new bazzill coloured cardstock goes with these papers! Almost made for each other! If you know me, you know how (sadly) important this is to me...just one of my MANY eccentricities! Lucky I have friends who understand!

I wanted to share some other pics too, as we went to Dreamworld with Sue last weekend and had such a great time..I even managed to have a go on The Claw. It was TERRIFYING! When I get scared I cackle...loudly. Sue and I got off the ride and Thomas ran over to us in a big voice said..."Mummy I could hear you laughing all the way down here!"
The sad thing about the day was that we got halfway there and due to a slight miscommunication, we forgot the camera! So I ahd to rely on Sue's little one that did a really great job...And who better to have taking photos than Sue!
Joseph has a new best friend there!
Have a great weekend!

Ang xo


Alicia said...

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Hope it goes well.

Rett said...

Hi Angela :-) Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - and it allowed me to find your blog and come and check it out - love your layouts!

So sorry to hear about your Poppy :-(

Belinda said...

Great LO's Ang...great pics too..looks like you had a great time!!