Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Post From Perth

Just thought I would drop by and say hi whilst on my little holiday in Perth. It is so pretty here, this city is just stunning! Thomas and I are here to see our friends Siv, Peter, Konrad and Aksel from Mother's Group in Brisbane. It has been 18 months since Konrad and Thomas played together and to them it seemed like it was only yesterday. They immediately fell into the exact same routine of play they used to, it was just lovely!
Siv has been really looking after us while we have been here. We arrived on Wednesday and had an easy afternoon letting the boys get to know each other again. Then on Thursday, we took the kids to the AQWA Aquarium and saw the fishes. Sea Dragons are still my favourite by far, but all the other animals are just beautiful too. Could have spent ages just sitting and watching them swim around, but the boys would have gotten bored! Then we walked over to the harbor and had some lunch and a play in the beach park and came home.
On Friday we thought we'd take the kids to the Zoo. All Thomas wanted to see was the Lions. He couldn't stop talking about it the whole way there. Every animal we saw was only looked at fleetingly, he was so anxious to see the king. We finally reached the lion enclosure and the poor old thing was unwell and hiding! So were the cheetahs and the tigers! So he was a bit disappointed, but cheered up with a rubber lion mask from the gift shop. My favourite display were of course the monkeys. We had a very cool up close and personal experience with a pygmy marmoset that made my day. They are just so adorable and cute. The orangutans put on a show for us too, so at least my admission was worth it! It is a lovely zoo, one they should be proud of. When we got home I 'made' Thomas have a sleep (as only I know how! HE HE HE) and scooted off the biggest scrapping shop I have ever seen! It was massive, bigger even than Palmdale Stampers and Scrappers Heaven used to be...but even as big as it didn't stock Chatterbox! Which was all I really needed! I did get a few other bits and pieces, but it was mostly stuff I had seen before. That night we went to an authentic Italian restaurant in Joondalup where we watched a lovely young Italian man flip pizzas! The boys were transfixed. It was pretty awesome and the food was to die for. I had my favourite, Mushroom Risotto, but got dish envy (Pete's Term!) on my way back from the loo when I saw someone with Garlic Prawns (my other fave!). So I spent the rest of the time waiting for my tea with orderers remorse, until the risotto came and it was so yummy, I forgot to regret it!
today we are going crab hunting on the rocks at the beach, then Siv and I are taking a drive in the country and going on a tour of the local wineries...can't wait! Then home tomorrow to my babies who I have missed terribly. I can't wait to see Audrey's face when she sees us, she is so expressive at the moment. I know Jose will probably scream and say something cute but embarrassing at the same time...just waiting to hear what that will be!


Alicia said...

Sounds like you are having a great time Ang. I bet Thomas loves being with his friend again. Have a safe trip home.

Belinda said...

Glad to hear that your having a fab. time. It's so nice to get away for awhile!

Sara Pearcy said...

Sounds like lots of fun! Have a safe trip home.

xx S.