Thursday, October 05, 2006

I have made a class kit!

This is so exciting for me! Before I came to work with SAM, I was teaching at my LSS, Stampers and Scrapbookers Heaven. I loved teaching scrapbooking to people and can even say "I taught so and so when they first started..." (They may not remember me, but I do remeber them! LOL!). Anyway, this time of my working life was an absolute highlight and to be able to create some classes again has been so much fun. I have used the new 'Dirty Laundry' Papers and beautiful, bright and funky!!!

There is not too much left to report. Thomas is having his first sleep over now...but they are in seperate rooms, coz they kept arguing! One wanted to sleep in the same bed and the other didn't and neither would meet halfway!!! So I have seperated them :( Not really the way I wanted it to go for him, but they have had a huge day, and they are only 5!

Greg gets his wisdom teeth out tomorrow. I suppose I should n=make him some soup!...either that or bring him a piece of Friday night Pizza pureed!!! I bet that would go down well!

Joseph has well and truely become a 'boy'. The testosterone dose that hits at 3 1/2 has REALLY kicked in and he is going beserk! Luckily it is all with a smile on his face, so hopefully we will weather this storm happily!
He has a little party on this weekend with some friends from mother's group when he was a baby. We only get together a coupl of times a year, so we make it really special when we do. This year we are having a horse riding party...can't wait!

Have a good weekend!


Leisa said...

A horse riding party!! Can i come??
How excited will thoses kids be?

Amy said...

Gorgeous kit Ang! :o)

Sara Pearcy said...

You HAVE been busy since I last caught up with you. I hope your kit is going well - it is very pretty!

Hope the party was fun and you survived the sleep over also.

xx S.