Monday, October 02, 2006

Three kids who PROMISED they wouldn't get wet!

Thomas trying very hard to be a hip hop pirate...or something!
Audrey's first big FREEZING cold water. he was turning bue but still wanted to be floating around with Daddy.
Our little family at Australia Zoo!
Two of my mischieveous munchkins...butter wouldn't melt in their mouths!

Sorry it has been so long between posts, but we have had a couple of wonderful holidays that were just what the doctor ordered! I love the beach, it is such a tranquil place to be. The kids are happy just chilling out and I am happy when they are happy. Greg really needed a break, especially after the past project!
So we spent the week at the family unit in Caloundra! It is one of the older units on kings beach, but what it lacks in pretty, it makes up for in size! The living room is huge and there are three bedrooms, so we were very comfy there. It is great to be able to hang out at the nunit (as Jose calls it) on a rainy day and not go stir crazy!
So we are back, fully rested...and not a sunburn in sight. Sorry for the crappy quality of the pics. I think I resized them too small, but you get the idea!
Promise I will blog more in the future...I will leave you with two funny tales.
1. We took the kids to the Eumundi markets. They were given $10 each to spend at their will. They looked at all the stalls and made their choices. Jose picked a paint set for $6. H then spied a model car shop (Heaven for him!) and went to see if he could get something for $4. The man showed him every car he could afford, but Jose turned him down. "Do you have any BMW?" he asks. "I can give you this one for $4" says the man (ticket price says $5.50. "but it is a bargain!" "That's not a bargain!"shouts Jose in his little trademark foghorn..."that's a BMW!!!"
2. I was just getting out of the shower this morning when I heard Greg shout "Quick, open the door!" He came in (all dressed for work) carrying Audrey at arm's length. She was COVERED in know that thick nappy barrier cream in the world! So I cleaned her up, eventually and sat her down on the bed to tell her that she really shouldn't be playing with nappy cream, and she puts her little head on my shoulder and says "You luf me mummy?" Manipulative 22 month old monster that she is! What else could I say??????


Alicia said...

So glad you had a good holiday. I know how much you needed it. Audrey is adorable as always.

Joanne Hutchison said...

So you can't say much to that can you? lol How gorgeous is she? Glad that you had a great holiday. It's always nice to get away from "The Real World" every so often.


Leisa said...

Sounds like a perfect holiday!

Sara Pearcy said...

lol - Jose is so gorgeous! Glad you had a great break and called me by accident (lol). It was nice catching up.

xx S.