Thursday, February 01, 2007

I am a Year One Mum!

Woo Hoo! School is back! Thomas has been desperate for some fun this past week or two. I thought I would be clever and dull down the holidays at the end so he actually wanted to go to school, which he just made for a slow week! lol! But he is happy to be back and I even got a 'YAY!" when I told him it was a school day tomorrow at bedtime tonight!
Unfortunatly I was unable to get even ONE photo of him on the first day because the poor little guy had a massive sty in his left eye and he was camera shy! His little friend at school kept telling him she couldn't see his eyelashes but he was still handsome to her! So sweet!
Josie has had his first day too. He is going to a kindy near Thomas' school. His teacher's only comment has been "He's very friendly isn't he?" And if you know Jose that really sums him up! Loves people and loves to make them happy!
So it is just Auds and I half the week and that is so much fun! She is such a delight and we are really enjoying each other's company. Not that I don't enjoy the boys one on one. That is just a luxury I don't have at the moment. We do try and take time out with each child each day though it does get tough some times. And to think I was thinking about going for number four soon...might just give that a year or two first!
I really struggled with the beginning of term last year. I don't like change much. This year I am really trying to stay positive and enjoy all the new experiences. Fingers crossed I stay in that frame of mind.
Hope everyone elses experiences have been awesome. I have been avoiding the computer in the aircon upstairs and it it like a sauna! I will eventually get around and say hi I am off to have a nice cold beer and a bit of a scrap. TooRoo!


nikala said...

Good to hear that Thomas and Joseph have quickly settled in. Don't worry too much about the first day photo, we have the entire year to get more pics of them in grade one. I worked 3 days this week and I've been tired. Trying to catch up with things at home today, and enjoying it.
See you soon.

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

I know how disappointing it can feel when you don't get that "photo" that you want - just take one next week - no one would know the difference!!!
I took 41 photos and only got about 3 I am happy with.

Jo Hutchison said...

I didn't take any photos of first day. I forgot to take the camera. Glad to see everyone is happy.


Jen said...

Always good when the kiddlies love the first day of school