Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Breaking News.....

I did not scrapbook tonight! Had the product, the project, the time and the opportunity, but instead I baked cookies and mud cakes and did the housework!! I have been finding the heat and mugginess so stifling, that I have no energy to run up and down the stairs with the vacuum cleaner, but tonight we were lucky enough to get a good soaking and now the air is fresh and crisp and cool! So I got hit with the overdrive bug and hopped to it! I have cleaned off the kitchen bench (and if you have seen it in the last month, that is a mammoth task in itself lol!), decluttered the buffet, generally tidied up and done two loads of washing! I hope Greg doesn't read this or else he might think it is normal and expect it! lol!
Tomorrow night I am going to do some scrapping...I have even got a few things planned in my head! And hopefully I will be able to chase up my camera...I am SERIOUSLY in need of a photo fix!
And finally...a few sweet stories from the kids...
Thomas' latest thing is to say "Come here Audrey/Jose/Mummy I have got something for you." and give us a big hug. He is almost as tall as my armpits now, so I am holding on to this. Before we know it he won't want to touch us, heaven forbid his siblings!
Joseph has developed a very special relationship with the lollipop man at school. Mr Smith calls all the boys George and all the girls Myrtle...sounds strange, but it is better than calling them nothing! This has tickled Joseph's funnybone and now whenever we see Mr Smith Jose calls out "Hi George!" He knows it is not his name, but could see the joke! Now whenever Mr Smith sees us coming he smiles straight away because he knows he is going to get a very loud "Hi George!" at any second!
And Audrey has stumped us again. Not only can she recognise her own name but Joseph's as well. She was at his kindy the other day and wandered around looking for all the art on the walls that had his name on it! She even bypassed the ones that started with a J, like Jade, Jayden and Jaime! Such a clever chook that one...takes after her mother!


Alicia Barry said...

Those kids are too cute. I can't believe how tall Thomas is.

Leone said...

Hang on to those hugs Angela. You're right, pretty soon it won't be cool to hug Mum or siblings. What a busy night you had. I'm trying to get motivated to do housework now.

Nikala O'Brien said...

I bet you feel fantastic after your cleaning frenzy. I can't scrap unless the house is clean. You know me - a little anal retentive. See you Friday night. Terri and Penny are coming, but I'm not sure about Sarah.

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

I know what you mean about the hugs Angela - I wonder how long mine are going to last too. Thomas is nearly 8!

It is great to get that housework out of the way and declutter. I think I actually do my best scrapbooking in my head while I am cleaning or ironing.

Jen said...

Hey girls Andrew is 15 and he still gives me a hug and a kiss. Does not matter where or who he is in front still kisses me. He just gave me a hug and a kiss just to prove it is still cool to kiss ya mum And in front of his 12 year old neighbour/friend. Love this boy to pieces,. Ang gotta love that song while typing away. and gotta love ya kids and their sweet comments

Belinda said...

Hey Ang,
What a little clever chicky you have!
Congrats on the DT position...I love your latest projects. That spice rack is just adorable!
I dont remember if i replyed to you PM on sorry if i didn't.
Take care
Luv Belinda

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela, I just wanted to congratulate you on joining Scrapbooking City, your work is amazing, and thankyou for popping by.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.