Monday, April 09, 2007

WoW! What a weekend! So busy and so much fun! I have had some dear friends visiting from the UK, been to a couple of family outings, gone to the gym, shopped (groceries...but child free, so quite enjoyable!), ate too much chocolate, cleaned up the garage, made playdough for Audrey for the first time, painted with the head is reeling!
I love the photo of Audrey. She is doing her best imitation of a bunny rabbit. I think.
And look at my three little angels...thomas is coping with the role of big brother so well!
Jose loved the hunt at our local park on sunday. The kids were totally exhausted, but they still managed to finad all 80 eggs in under 2 minutes! And there were only 7 kids....amazing the motivation chocolate has hey!
And the final photo is of Thomas and my Grandma. She is beautiful and loves the kids so much!
I am off to catch up on some scrapping! I have had 12 projects on my to do list for a week and I am slowly working through them...too slowly for my usual pace, but you have days like that I guess.
Have a great school holidays...the boys are going to try out Tae Kwon Do for the first time on Wenesday. They are really excited, so I hope it meets their expectations!


AnnetteL said...

Hi Ang, that is a very cute photo of Audrey and her imitation of a rabbit soooo adorable. Glad to hear you had a great Easter. Hope you get all your projects finished in time and they will look amazing I am sure! Take Care Cheers Annette

nikala said...

That photo of Audrey is a crack up. She is so cute. Glad to hear you had a great Easter.