Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I am still here!

Just been far too busy to post here unfortunately! I have had soo many things going on that I just forgot to blog...barely been checking up on any either.

But I have a few spare minutes now, so a quick update on what the family and I have been up to!

* The house is coming along nicely. We have decided on a design for the kitchen and we are both very happy with it. The windows are in and the cladding goes up next week.

* Poor Greg has tonsilitis...he's been asleep for the past two days straight! I think that candle that was being burnt at both ends has finally met!

* Thomas ran in his first cross country. He was so excited to be in the race...looked totally adorable in his little sprts uniform too...pumping those little legs around a MASSIVE oval!

* Joseph and Thomas have their first Tae Kwon Do grading on the weekend. Hope it goes well for them, they are a bit silly in class but when they focus, they have great form. Must be fun to be a kid hey!

* Audrey and I went to the coast together today. Last time we drove up I got a running monolog, so this time I was prepared...I bought music! However it didn't stop her and this time we played "who can tell the biggest porky"...mostly one sided imagination stuff...Auds won with "there is a tiny birdy drinking your latte! open the window and make it fly away!" That is what she said...word for word!

* I did my first photo shoot on the weekend. I took photos of my friend Susan and her family. They are such a beautiful group to work with. Very photographic too...the photos turned out brilliantly, if I do say so myself!

Scrapping news!

There is a bit though!

* Been busy coming up with some great ideas for classes at Scrapbook City in July and August. Come and check out what we have on offer at the moment too...there is a lot to choose from.

* Had a couple of submissions accepted which is cool. I have not subbed in months, but was inspired to give it a go again. So my mini house is going o be in Paper Trends and The KI mini album that was at the shop for about 3 days is going to be in SM!

* I have been busy working on a Guest DT position I was lucky enough to get over at I am A Scrapaholic! I LOVE some of the LO I have done with the kit I was sent...I will upload a couple of images soon.

* I have also done a couple of layouts with the New Heidi Grace papers and embellishments. I you don't have any of these yet...chack them out at Scrapbook City PRONTO!

* I have some other exciting news to share soon too!

Well I am off downstairs to do a couple of LO for the SC colour comp...due in Canberra on Thursday....hope they got there in time!

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