Friday, June 22, 2007

So Elsie has arrived in Australia! Not her in person this time, but he line from KI that has been LONG awaited by many. I have to say when I first saw it I was really disappointed :( But i think it was just too much for me to take in...kind of like a kid at Christmas! I didn't know where to start so just cracked it and brushed it off! lol! Now I have had a chance to work with it, I really love it! I have done the layout above as well as a class for Scrapbook City that I will post when I have done the photos.

These two are made from some of the COOOOOL stuff Fiskars sent me last month...there is another floating around...hmmm. The papers on the left are from WIld Honey and they will be available at KMart soon. The layout on the right is a Heidi Grace one...I really love everything she is doing at the moment!

And finally a pic of our gorgeous little girl, all snug as a bug on a cold winters day.

I am all set to have my tonsils out on Monday. I hope when I eventually join the land of the living on Friday the house has not fallen too far behind! I know Mum and Barbara will be heaps of help, they always are! But I really don't expect them to clean up the toys every day...that is up to the kids to do and it is my daily war! lol!

So wish me luck! I was walking around hours after having all three CS, so I doubt I will be in bed for long!

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Sara said...

Audrey looks so warm and snug. Too cute.

Love what you have done with the Love Elsie range and more great layouts as always.

Hope all goes well with your tonsils on Monday.