Friday, July 06, 2007

AHHH! I am being chased by a polar bear!

I took the kids to the museum of their most favourite things to do. We Love going to all the new exhibits and seeing our old favourites as well. They have one on at the moment that shows heaps of animals to scale and allows the kid to compare things that are a similar height to them. At the head of the bunch is this awesome Polar Bear standing up on his two hind legs! The kids all wanted their photo taken with him, but Auds decided he was chasing her and she opted for this photo...

Seriously, could she have any more personality???

I am feeling 100% better now...After having two major surgery's in one! Apparently only the brave or the very stupid have a tonsilectomy and a septoplasmy at once...not sure where I fit in there lol!

We had a lovely picnic out at Forest Glen Park at Browns PLains Park the other day. Great place to go for a picnic and a play....and so good to see Rach, Amy, Kelly and Lorena too!

I have done about 20 layouts this week, so I should post some here over the weekend! Have a good one!


Tanya Reedy said...

Love the photo she is just gorgeous! WOW 20 layouts I was happy to get 1 done this week. Maybe when the kids are back at school? Glad to hear your throat is better you BRAVE girl.

Tam, Brad, Jasmine and Ethan said...

OMG that photo is just adorable Ang. You need to put that child on the stage!!!! Good idea Auds!!!

AnnetteL said...

That is an adorable photo Ang! Lovel it. Wow 20 layouts that is impressive! Can't wait to see them!

I have tagged you as well, details on my blog. Hope you don't mind. Can't wait to see your responses.

Hope you have a good week.