Monday, November 12, 2007

Handy Angie

Some new pics from the house...the most important room first of scrap room! We have moved it from the living level up to the retreat so the kids can have a room dedicated to their toys and their own TV etc. Hopefully that will make the rest of the house tidier...that is the plan anyway! Second photo is of half the kitchen. The centre of the room is going to be a giant 2.6mx1.8m bench/table. I can't wait to see the finished product...and to pick up our chairs we have got to go with it!

This is the other end of the kitchen. The fourth pic is the study nook we have made for the kids to use the computer on. I am paranoid about them using the internet alone, so at least the computer will be in full view of the whole household. Although the way the world is going now, they will all have wireless internet in their room but we can at least try and maintain some control as long as possible!
And last of pride and joy! I spent the day wallpapering this wall in our study. I saw a similar wallpaper on a photography blog in the US and had to have it! I couldn't get an exact match, but did get pretty close...and I really LOVE it, and feel so good having hung the stuff myself! The best part is the giant red couch we will purchase to go in front of it! We are still searching for the perfect one, but when we do find it...woohoo!
Less than two weeks is weird because I have no packing to do to fill in the time...but plenty of photos to edit! eter go and do some tonight!


BELINDA said...

Hi Ang...LOVE your new home!
Bet you can't wait to get in.
LOVE that wallpaper too.
I am so excited for you guys. Looking forward to seeing more photos soon...:)

Katie said...

Dig that wallpaper! Can't wait to see a pic with the red couch in front!!

~Holly~ said...

Great job on the wallpaper, it looks great!!

Have fun moving in :D