Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Andy Warhol

Suzy is in town!!! Hooray!!! Love it when my oldest friend comes to stay...she lives in London most of the year, but luckily still comes home every 12 months or so.

Today we all went to see the Andy Warhol exhibit. I only wish i had come without the kiddies as I could have sat and watched the videos all day. Just hours upon hours of portrait type setups on film...catching every expression, every flicker...so enagaing for me!

We did get to do these fun pop art portraits though! How cool is that??!! After the exhibit we went for a stroll along the river and then had a late lunch over at Southbank...all in all a very nice day. If only I had not over indulged on the white wine the night before I would have enjoyed it even more. My poor head is still not fully recovered and it is Tuesday night! I tell you, cheap wine is BAD! We had the annual Trivia Night at school and as it was a fundraising event, I felt it was my responsibility to make them as much $$$ as I could and the best way to do that was drink the wine! lol! It was an awesome night though and so great to make some new friends from Josie's class as well as have a great laugh with the usual suspects ;)

Scrapbook City has had a couple of shipments of stock arrive lately, so I have been madly doing sample layouts for them....keeping me very busy they are! The April, May June class list is out this week too, so keep an eye out! I will post some layouts later in the week.


Belinda Venables said...

Love the photos Ang - very arty!
Enjoy your time with your friend.

~Holly~ said...

Can't wait to see your new layouts!! Have a great time with your friend :D