Monday, May 26, 2008

Get ready for a long one!

What a weekend! I don't think I have crammed so much into two days since I was a carefree teenager!
It started with a ball meeting with the girls on Friday night. We were only supposed to go round to Susan's for an hour, but somehow one hour turned into four and it was 11:30 before I got home! Then we had soccer first up on Saturday...bright and early mornings are hard for me at the best of times, but when it is a bit chilly, I am even worse. Luckily the kids are unstoppable in their enthusiasm, so I am usually up to speed by the time we leave. Joseph and Thomas both played really well this week..Jose even got a little award for trying hard...he was soooo proud...even ran up to strangers to show them!
After soccer I went to Dreamworld with Thomas. His mate Rupert was having his birthday, so Rupi's dad thought he might take the boys to Dreamworld. Odd numbers don't work very well at theme parks when there are kids around, so I took it upon myself to join them :) totally out of the goodness of my heart you have to understand! I think I had the most fun though...gee I do love those scarey rides...we all went on the Mick Doohan was pretty fun! We got an AWESOME shot of Thomas, Roger and I looking totally exhilerated, and Rupi looking beyond terrified! He loved it though! I got to go on my most favouritest ride eva...THE CLAW...I could swing in that thing all day! Didn't try the two Ireally wanted to though...I need to go with Greg s I can scream in his ear and not some poor stranger!
Thomas' favourite part of the day was dressing up as an old time cowboy and playing it up for the camera with a wooden rifle...she took some fantastic shots...I will be scrapping them soon! We got home at about 6 and went straight over to my mum's for curry takeaway and to see my brother and his girlfriend who have just returned from Thailand. That was fun but a bit of a late night for the kids. Plus I spilled curry down the front of my favourite joy yet in getting it out either:(
Sunday morning I was up early cooking breaky fo the kids..eggs I think? Then off to get the groceries for the week. Greg's mum and dad came over to have lunch with us and my dad even popped in for a bite to eat. Mum was doing a crafty weekend retreat, so he was a free agent...
That afternoon we all went over to Audrey's new Kindy friend Arabella's house. It was such a lovely good to see the kids just walk in and feel right at home with her brother and his way of doing things. I made some delicious cookie and cream log with choc strawberries and cherries...yumm!!! We drank a few bottles of wine it was a great night! The kids hit the wall at about 7 though, so off home to bed and the 4 loads of washing that seemed to materialise out of nowhere over the weekend!
Today Auds went to my sisters, so I spent the day at school with some other mum's making things for the craft stall. It was a lovely day and I met some really nice mums...more mornings coming up I am sure!
Tonight I have been doing a bit of a clean out for the Scrapbook City Garage Sale on Satuday. If you are a Chatterbox fan you should be sure to go...I am letting go of a lot of my is very impressive even in it's culled state! if not, I have also made up a few bumper show bags! AFull of lots of leftovers :) and full packets of brands like Heidi Swapp, Ki Memories and K and CO. The pacs are all $20, but there is at least $70 value in them I reckon.
The school ball we have been planning all year is on the Saturday too...I am so excited I could jump up and down. I have bought a magenta gown (Cheapo from DFO) and some beautiful magenta slippers complete with jewels...and flatties too (from Target!) AND mangaged to get some bling for half price too...totally dressed for under $200. They better do another one, i want to wear this dress again!
The week does not really look like slowing down either. I am going to try and be in bed before midnight every night this week, but with text twirl calling who knows how long it will be :)


Katie said...

Well Ang, I am exhausted just from reading that one! I don't know how you do it! One late night crop and I am stuffed for the next week!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ang, you did all that, not to mention that you squeezed me in for a fabulous hour of coffee and shopping. Have a good week. Kelly x