Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back in the thick of it all!

Wow, what a week it has been! What with Grandma being in hospital, and the weekend at the Scrapbook Expo, I have been pulled from pillar to post and have to say I am pretty close to exhaustion!! So tonight a few little points rather than anything too coherent...that would be too much for my poor little brain!

* Grandma is doing ok. They are having trouble finding the balance between her low blood pressure and the medication that reduces the fluid on her lungs...which causes low blood pressure but if she doesn't take it she will not be able to breathe...tricky stuff. Thanks to all who have sent me a nice to hear from everyone when I was feeling a bit flat!~

* S & C Expo was a total hoot! I stayed at Rydges with Leisa and Carole from Scrapbook City for the first night and Kerri joined us after that. Gosh it was so much fun! I love my job soooo much! There were heaps of laughs and the days just flew. HAd an awesome time with Carole...she is just plain fun! I caught up with lots of friends and was pretty happy just hanging around. If I was not a mum to three small kiddies, the convention life would be the life for me! I am off to Sydney for the show at Rosehill in August with SBC too...can't wait for that one!

* I took Audrey to Out of the Box today with Emily. We saw a reading of Hairy McClairey (does that book ever get old?) and one of a book I had not seen before called 'The Boy Who Built a Boat'. They had locals doing the readings and it was so good...Auds loved it! We also saw some Indigenous dancing that was lots of fun. Audrey loved the dancing, but was a bit scared when the man set fire to some leaves then stood on it! We did a couple of the free stations it was a pretty cheap day, I only paid for parking!

* We have bought a new TV. It is pretty cool! I am only sad that we'll have to say goodbye to our LOEVRE. It was the first thing we bought when we moved in together, so I am a bit attached!

* Photography business has been getting busy again. I am on the back of the shopper dockets at Mt Ommanney Big W so I guess that is pretty cool!

* The ball photos will be another week yet...I am too tired to edit them all!

* Kids are all well and moderately healthy...this time of year is pretty bad on everyone I guess. I think Joseph likes getting a cold, because I let them have a bath if they are not well...there are still water restrictions after all!

I will post some layouts from the Expo tomorrow!

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