Monday, June 30, 2008

Sorry for my absence...

I have been trying to go to bed by 11pm each night. While that is a good notion in theory, in practise it is REALLY HARD! I have had to let a couple of things slip so i can do it...the poor old blog being one. I am really not too happy about it, as I do love documenting everything here...I even look back on those first few entries and marvel at how much has changed in our lives since then...and it was only two and a half years ago!

So what is news...

* It is holidays here...yay...we told the kids they could 'sleep in' this morning...I had to wake them up at 8:30am so we could drive Greg into work! Seriously going to say that every Sunday! I am looking forward to lots of fun this holiday, we have heaps planned with our friends, so it should be good.

* I have finished the ball photos, and they have turned out beautifully. Because it was a Winter themed ball, I used some vinyl snowflakes in the background and they look so cool! I have raised a huge amout of $$ for the school too, so I am happy with that.

* I have a slight obsession with this site . I have plastered out walls with this stuff and there is more to come! I know I have to take a photo day!

* I received some very nice goodies from Fiskars this past month. Now Iam being a very good busy girl and madly tryiong to put some layouts together, as well as some fun projects for them too. So far, my favourite range is Heidi's A Little Bird's Tale, but it is being closley followed by all the other ranges! Seriously yummy stuff! Keep an eye out at your local scrapbooking store or Lincraft and Spotlight...I know Scrapbook City have the new ranges in right now!

I have a couple of other bits and pieces to update with, but will do them seperately next!

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