Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A day in the city...

Audrey and I took the train into the city today. I have been meaning to meet up with my Dad for over 12 months now, so after our recent catch up for Father's Day, we decided to make it sooner rather than later.
We dropped the boys off at school, and after a quick trip home to grab the camera and pram, were on the train to the city!
Audrey entertained the close by passengers with neverending questions and even remembered details about the trip her and Greg took in on the train over 12 months ago...when she was 2!

When we arrived, we walked straight up to Grandad's office, where Auds immediately took over his office!

We then went down to the Regent for a delicious coffee, babychino and cup of tea!

After that we went 'looking' for a birthday present for her. It is over 2 months away, but things are so busy at the moment, it will be here before we know it! She will be pretty easy to please, but does have a few specific preferences! We also picked up a kindy dress for her as one can never have enough dresses that twirl!

After the little trip to the Myer Centre, we met up with Daddy for a nice lunch at the Pig and Whistle (thanks Dad :)). All Audrey wanted for lunch was a serving of garlic bread! We indulged her :)

Then we caught the train home again to school. At the train station, Audrey saw a young girl (like 18 or so) in a pretty floral dress. She walked right up to her and asked in her sweetest voice, "Excuse me but does your dress twirl?" This girl was obviously no stranger to children because she answered, "No, does yours?" "Yes" replied Miss Auds, who then promptly gave a demonstration.

"I like your locket" says the girl. "Is there a picture in there?"

"No" says Auds, "One day I will put Prince Charming in there, but he is not my boyfriend yet."

Needless to say I had tears of laughter/pride/joy running down my face as I listened to this conversation...she has so much spunk!

And here is the latest of the three kiddies...they are such good kids. I know there are times when I am pulling my hair out, but with all the chaos going on here with Sydney and hand ops and the like, they have been quite well behaved and have really taken on a few extra responsibilities very well!

My hands are healing a bit better this week than last. iIwas still on a high from the op in those early days and have had a good rest. They feel really tight of an evening, but I have bought this Vitamin E Oil that I am rubbing into the scars and that seems to be helping a lot!

Greg needs the computer now, so I will get to that tag tomorrow I hope!


Sara Pearcy said...

Hiya Ang! I love these photos of Auds and the boys of the family. She has grown up so much and is just so gorgeous! Hope all is improving well and hope to catch up with you soon.
xx S.

Sue said...

Brilliant Audrey story !! And loving the photos too - she's hilarious....hope your hand is doing ok - i'll be back on the 14th for a wee while so look forward to catching up with you soon