Monday, September 22, 2008

I have done a little...

bit of scrapping! Yay! It is not easy (and neither is typing mind you), but I could only sit around for so long! I have a number of classes to do for Scrapbook City and thought I had better get into them before I went away...I have one or two I can share here the rest will come later!

I bought a new Cricut Cartridge (Graphically Speaking) and gee it is great! I wish they would work out a way to show everything the cartridge can do on the web or somewhere, because those back covers are so deceiving! I almost didn't get it but curiosity got the better of me and I had to know what was inside...and gee I am glad I did!

Thomas's mouth is healing well. All his stitches are out and his gums are almost back to normal. He has three mates over today (yes I am a little crazy!) and they are all tearing up the back yard at the moment....I am feeling thankful for the noise in the background rather than in my ear! We are going for a quick check up at the dentist in the morning...just to make sure his bone has healed well enough. I don't need to take him to the specialist again, but when I called the school dentist and told them what had happened they are more than happy to see him regularly to ensure nothing nasty happens in there! I was surprised they actually OFFERED to see him...and I never look a gift horse in the off to the free dentist in the morning for us! Lucky it is free though, because our out of pocket expenses for the operation are ridiculous at the moment!

My friend Sue is coming soon! Yay! Can't wait to catch up again...have cleared my diary for the week, so that will be good! I also heard that our dear friend Leisha is coming home for Christmas...many a good night of food and wine will be spent together that week I bet!

Better go and see if I can salvage a room or two from the wrath of the seven year old (and one 5 year old) boys.....if I don't return you will know I am still putting everything away!

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Rhonda Bates said...

Glad to hear your sons mouth is healing well. The old saying Boys will be Boys, is just so true.
It seems school holidays are busier than school these days. Have a great week.