Sunday, November 09, 2008

It was...

Just as good as they said it would be! WOW...what can I say that will explain just how cool it was? Fiskars brand gardening tools for $5 - $15...MASSIVE reductions! Heidi Grace lines we didn't see here for 20c packet! I bought some beautiful icicle type letters in aqua pink and purple and am in the middle of a project already! They were only 50c each. I hope they do it again up here...maybe in winter so it isn't as hot though!
Here are a couple of new layouts I have done. This one is of Mel, Barbara, Kerensa and Gerri when we went out for makeup trials for the wedding...
This is one for Fiskars using the new Cloud 9 Christmas packs available now at a Kmart near you!

And can someonhe please make this rain only happen during the week? I have had to postpone 2 shoots this weekend!

Off to do some editing! Have a great week!


Terri said...

LOve the new banner Ang.

Rhonda Bates said...

New layout of blog is fantastic.
Also the Cloud 9 design paper is not available here in Mackay until Thursday. We must be a little backward, but at least I have someone to get it for me. Love the lo.