Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sniff sniff...she is gone again!

Aunty Sue was here for a visit for the last couple of weeks. We didn't do too much this time (she is still sooo popular and everyone else needs to see her too!) but we did have fun when we did catch up! We got to go shopping and to the movies together, as well as having her here to play with the kids, which they LOVED. They are old enough now to remember and miss her when she is not here...not sure when we will see her again though! If you are in the UK and have been following Danny Dyers Dealiest Men show, she produced and co directed three of them and they are very favourite was the SAS guy. Having a rainy day here...just mooching around and catching up on client photos. I have just made my last booking for the year...not because I am out of business, but I am actually fully booked! Wow! I never thought that would happen! That said, I have been doing a couple of shoots of a weekday evening, so if you or your family or friends were wanting some beautiful candid shots for Christmas, I could possibly accomodate you then :).

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