Sunday, July 26, 2009

Still here!

Hi there! Just wanted to pop by and say hi! I am still here...everything is going swimmingly! I've had a couple of blood clot reappearances, but aside from that, I have been fine!

We had a scaan last week and the lady was 90% sure of what sex baby we have growing insode of us, but I think I will wait until next week, when we have the next scan to announce it to the world...just to be sure! I had both Auds and Thomas with me for the scan for differnet reasons and they were totally underwhelmed! All Auds was interested in was whether it was going to be a girl...and Thomas was more interested in his DS! Ahhh well, they are only young. I however cannot get enough of seeing this baby grow and change so often. It is making the whole pregnancy go by so fast. We are 17 weeks tomorrow, which is actually past half way for our delivery schedule! Can you believe that!!!

We have had such a busy couple of weeks...let me try and update with a couple of pics .

First of all we recieved the devestating news that my Grandfather (who turned 96 on Friday!) has a brain tumor that is quite advanced. He is currently in hospital, but we are hoping he will be moved to the Canossa Home is just down the road and I can see him every day if he is there. We are very close and it has been pretty tough for us all. As you can see he is the most handsome and dignified man, I have so much love and respect for him. I hope the next few weeks are not too hard on him. He deserves much more than that.

Then last Sunday my darling Nana turned 90. I took a bunch of photos and I am so glad I did, they have turned out sensationally! It was great to catch up with the Stewart clan again too, we don't seem to do it enough these days!

Here is my dad and Nana...can you see the family resemblance?

Here is Joseph helping with the very important job of blowing out the candles on her cake.

This is Nana and her eldest child, my Uncle Ian. He looks more like my Pop did.

And here is the beautiful Birthday Gal...can you believe she is 90?? I thanks for the great genes Nana!
And lastly, my little sister gave birth to two healthy babies last Wednesday afternoon...naturally too! Harrison and Stella are still in Special Care at the Wesley, so I have not met them yet, but I am sure to see them soon. I think they will be out by the end of next week. Rosie carried them to 35 weeks so they are still a bit tiny, but they will have caught up in no time!
I have been designated to home and small gatherings for the remainder of the pregnancy. It seems that the pluresy has put me into the category of 'people with other complications' so I really cannot contract swine flu! So if you are sick, stay away! LOL!
Hoping to scrap has been forever! The school fete has taken up all my time again. It was today, but I could not go, so Jen and Lorena had to run the Craft Stall without me! It was another successful year though with a $1600 profit, so I am pretty happy with that!
See you round like a rissole!


Jo said...

Hello Ang,

It was lovely to see you the other day. I have got to say your Uncle Ian and your Dad are definitely brothers!

Hope your Grandfather is doing ok. I don't have the flu at the moment but Mum does and she's here so I'll stay away till she's better. Then I'll bring Tamika around so you can brush up on your cuddling skills, not that I think you'll need it when Harrison and Stella come home. Such beautiful names. Congratulations to your sister.


Lyn Dwyer said...

Lovely pics Ange...I've been thinking of you a lot lately...keep well.....