Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Hello! How are we all today? I am exhausted! Annie, Joseph and Audrey were all up multiple times last night, but rather than have a winge I thought I would write down five things I am feeling thankful for today! Hopefully that will put me in a more positive place :))

1. Joseph is eating more vegetables. This is a huge deal and has been happening gradually over the past few weeks. Last night he ate a chicken and pumpkin risotto with no protests! Woop Woop!
2. Annie has finally put on some weight...over a kilo in the past five weeks! Yay!
3. Audrey is becoming more and more helpful. And she is super at cleaning up her room...a task that is met with many grumbles from other family members ;)
4. Thomas has a new friend who is a lot like him. A little more outgoing, but for my quiet, sheltered little man, that can really only be a good thing. Lately they have been skyping and showing each other their toys every night. It is so cute!
5. I have an awesome husband. He had to stay home again on Friday when I pulled a muscle in my back AGAIN, and did it with no grumbles or anything. He really is a wonderful man. Not sure why he puts up with me sometimes.
I have been scrapping a fair bit lately. I am getting a lot of inspiration from studio calico as well as some of my favourite designers. This next one is a copy of one of Cheryl Ameteewee's and I really love it!

This one is based on a sketch from the studio calico blog.

So is this one!

We have just celebrated father's day this past weekend. Will post some pics next time...not sure if they will be any good though, it was so cloudy and dull!

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Anne P said...

Well you have a lot to be positive about. I know how that sleep deprived felling goes, very well. Your LO's are beutiful as always.