Friday, January 14, 2011

Queensland Floods

Hi there everyone! I just wanted to pop by and document everythng that has been happening here in Brisbane and the surrounding area over th past week. It has been a very harrowing time for many people and we are so lucky to have escaped the drama unaffected. It has definately opened our eyes to the sheer power of Mother Nature and made us realise how small we are as individuals, but as a united group we can perservere and survive.
I was able to get a few photos on the Tuesday but as the sewerage had gotten into the water I was not going anywhere near it to get any other images! I love photography but not enough to end up with Giardia! lol!
Jindalee Gold Course

Centenary Highway Jindalee on ramp

Centenary Highway - to Ipswich - Jindalee on ramp

One the overpass at Jindalee

At the entrance to the highway at Jindalee...Annie was a little scared! Kids were just fascinated

On ramp to the city at Jindalee

Skate Park at Windamere

Edenbrooke Park where kids play...

The 'high' path around our is about 1.5 metres about the water level usually!

Unfortunately Gary and Kerensa's (Greg's sister and hubby) house went under. Although the water reached almost to their top level on the outside there was only 20cm of water inside...small blessing but one to hold onto none the less. He is in Brisbane helping out where he can. I have come up the coast to get out of the way of emergency crews and to not use up the small about of resources that are still available there. I am looking forward to staying here a while until things calm down a bit and all the roads reopen so more supplies can be brought in.
I know a lot of my friends and their families homes have been innundated with water and I am constantly thinking of them and their loss. Take care everyone!

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Anne P said...

Thanks for sharing Ang, it is interresting to see the walking path around the lake and the playground as we took the kids there often. Puts things in perspective.