Thursday, April 28, 2011

In the spirit of Easter...

I am bringing this 'ole blog back to life :)

I was only thinking the other day how much time has passed since I blogged last and I thought I would get on and check it out. Seems it was much longer than I thought.

Nothing too important has happened I will just post a few pics and layouts...
Thomas had his first school camp.

Annie discovered her belly button...and all her other parts. She is speaking a lot and can say her own name now!

She also is a big fan of the Easter Bunny!

And has become a little attached to Penny the Penguin.

We had our annual group holiday to Aquarius with the Burges, Oghannas, and usual it was a blast!

Thomas missed out on this pic :( Sadly it was a good one.

Easter dress.

Handsome as always.

Hunting with cousin Ben.

Cheeky little monkey...definitely been sent to us to test our parenting skills to the max!

Thomas turned ten on Tuesday...Will post that later when I get a chance...along with the 30 or so layouts I have pics of!

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Rita said...

OMG Ang - How beatiful - what a fantastic celebration of family and friends - enoy lil miss Annie - i did (my bub is Annie and nearly 21 yrs old) and the ride is well worth it!