Monday, September 05, 2005


Today is Monday and, as usual it is a very busy day.
Off to the gym at 6:oo am and I haven't stopped since! I took the kids out to meet some friends at Creepy Crawlies this morning. They had a great time running around wearing themselves out! I think the girls got some great shots of them on the play equipment.
Then we got home and the fun three naps is very difficult and today was no exception. Finally had all three napping and bubba woke up! No worries though, she is on the floor playing with some toys now and grinning every time I say anything to adorable.
I am going to scrap tonight. I have so much product to use and so many photos to scrap that it will be years before I am 'caught up'!
I may post what I do here...just for fun! If not, you can alway see what I have been doing at SAM!

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