Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Trip to the Paed

Today I took Audrey to the paed for a check up. It was great to see Johanna again, she is always so nice to the kids. I was a little worried at how tiny Audrey is compared to other babies her age, but she is doing fine. She was born on the 25% and has stayed there, so I guess she will always be petite! Not a bad thing for a girl, I suppose!

I also spoke to someone about putting her in care for one day a week while I do some work at the shop...we'll see how we go there. I think it would be a huge adjustment for both of us and I don't know how well she would take it. I am struggling with the idea of weaning her at the moment and am constantly changing my mind as to when to do it.

Had a big spend up at KMart with their 15% off day. Just bought the basics, but gee they add up! Also picked up a great little walker for Audrey...with lights and music...for only $40! So cool.

Unfortunately I didn't get to scrap last night. Our real estate agent came over to dress the place up a bit and by the time she had gone it was past 7:30 and Greg and I hadn't had tea. We had a couple of wines with dinner and then I fell asleep on the couch watching 24! I hate doing that 'cause now I have missed some. Tonight I am working, so I guess I will have to scrap another day! I get a bit cranky when I can't scrap...don't really know why! And the girls on the design team at SAM

On a sadder note, my friends hubby is unwell in hospital. He is fit and young and healthy, so I am sure he will be fine soon, but it is always a stressful time when someone you care about is unwell, so I wish her all the best and hope everything turns out!

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