Monday, October 31, 2005


Movies are such a big part of mine and Greg's lives. B.K. (before kids) we went to the cinema at least once a week and rented movies on one other night. We collect all our favourite DVD's and still watch the classics over and over again. So it makes sense that I do get a little passionate about the films we see that stir us...really make us think. It has been a while since I was excited over a new movie, but today we watched 'crash' while the kids were sleeping and it was soooo thought provoking I am still reeling!!!
It is a snapshot into the lives of about 16 characters and how modern US society is still so racist. I found it to be so raw and confronting and have been forced to look at my perception on society and how naive I am! I was gobsmacked at the total lack of tolerance portrayed in this film, but the message was there...racial intolerance is rife. I suppose I always thought that people think how I do...guess that is not the case.
Anyway, if you feel like seeing something that makes you think this won't be sorry.


Roz said...

wow, sounds like a realt thought provoking one Ang. Maybe I am a bit naive too- I thought it was only a small percentage of people who were still so racist??

Roz xo

Anonymous said...

hey ang,
i loved that film too !! it was the new kids pics !