Monday, November 07, 2005

Well, it has been a very intense week, but I am finally home!! Yay! I really missed Greg and the kids while I was away in Sydney, but I learnt so much and had such a good time that it all went soooo quickly.
I went to the Inspiration Scrapbooking Convention run by For Keeps at Penrith. Hope, Rachel and I left on Thursday morning and got in late last night. It was the single most exciting experience I have had in a many creative, happy, inspiring people and so much new product...I was in heaven. I kind of knew it would be an awesome experience when I walked into my first class, and there on the table was a gorgeous pink Chatterbox embellishment kit, just for me!!!! I have been waiting for these to be available for eons and thanks to Addicted to Craft we were the first in OZ to get the pink ones!!! I was so excited I rang home and told Greg! Maxine Hazebroek taught a great class, then we went to an SEI class. Last up was Heidi Grace...she is so chirpy! I caught up with some old friends and made some new ones.
On the Saturday night, we all glammed up for the ball! Everyone looked amazing. They announced the Elite Team for 2006 and handed out prizes and the night went too quickly! Must have been all the champagne, because before we knew it, it was midnight and we all turned into pumpkins...or fuddy duddys at least cause we went home to bed!
Sunday we took Kerrin's take out treasures was unreal and I love what I made there. We did another SEI class with Anita Oldham...she is such and organised tutor! And we made an altered book with Kate Mason...soo much work to do on that one!!
All in all it was a really cool experience and I am glad I went! So thanks Rach and Hope, cause I would never have gone if it wasn't for you!


Sara said...

Yay! You're home. Pleased to see you had a great time, Ang. Where are the photos???

Roz said...

oh ANg, I am so totally jealous lol!! Glad to hear that you had a ball though! And yes, where are the pics???
Roz xo

Sue said...

sounds like you a great time mate ! must have made an interesting change...i'll keep my eyes peeled for any scrapbooking mags over here in the US ! sue

Sue said...

oh & where are the photographs?!!