Sunday, October 02, 2005

I am a lucky girl!!!

Wow...I am still in shock. We finally took the plunge and bought a digital camera today. Not just any digital camera, but the one I have been ogling for a while now. It rocks. It is so cool. I can do so much with it. Greg thought I spent too long on the computer at the moment, wait til I get right into these images!
Here are a few of our first shots. Be nice...we are still learning and there is a lot to learn. for those who care, we got the Canon 20D. Didn't go the bigger lens at this stage, but there are plenty of birthdays and Christmas' to come!
So thank you to my dear husband, who can still surprise me after all! I think in the photo he took of the four of us, I still look a little stunned!

Had a huge shopping spree on Saturday. Got Greg some new threads from Colorado, some thongs for the boys, a fairy dress for Audrey, a couple more skirts and tops for me (like I needed them!!) and of course, some photos (from the old camera) I think that was the deciding moment for Greg, because the film had somehow gotten water in it and half the photos had a watermark on disappointing.

No sale on the house this weekend...this saga is turning into an epic novel!
Got a fairly quiet week planned...getting ready to go to the beach next week.
Take care,

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