Sunday, September 25, 2005

Weekend is over, boo hoo hoo!

Wow, every weekend we think we will have a quiet one and every weekend it gets more and more stacked! Crammed so much into this weekend and am pleased to say that I have done heaps of this LO I did for SAM's Cyber Crop. Just a quicky, it only took 30 minutes to put together!
Greg went out to SAM and picked up my DT pack for me...I was only there on Thursday, and will be back there during the week, but it was nice to have it for the weekend. Got some great goodies and I am really looking forward to doing a couple of layouts as well as some altered projects! Just for something a little different.
We had a false lead on the sale of the house on Friday. I just about killed myself getting it ready for a couple who were here for at least an hour, then left us hanging all night and then decided it was not for them! So we had a friend of ours come over and chat about doing extensions instead...may be a viable option!
Hi too to all my non scrapping friends who have found their way here! I hope the scrapping stuff isn't too boring for you, but hey, love me, love my addiction!!!!

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