Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I did it...yay!

Well, I have finally completed a competition entry! Not sure if it was scrap fright or just plain laziness with the Masters and FK Elite, but I have completed my entry for the Chatterbox DT and sent it in today EXPRESS!! My layouts were not spectacular, they were just in my style and I really loved them...hard to stuff up the CB really though!
Spent the morning up at the shops with mum and the kids. They were quite well behaved for a change, although there is always some little old lady who has to say 'how do you cope?'. I cope fine! They are great kids! They are always dressed nicely when we go out. They are clean and aren't screaming and having tantrums. They don't run off and they don't touch everything in the store. What do people expect??? Mute statues???
Enough ranting, I am off to watch vol 3 of the scrapbook creations DVDs. Have a great day!


Sara said...

IKWYM about the "How do you cope?" I can't believe so many people ask it!! I had so many people tell me how "brave" I was for being at the Craft Fair with my three. It is not braveness... it is selfishness - I wanted to be there, so they had to be. LOL. Your three are just as wonderful, if not more so!!

Sara said...

Oh, and well done on your CBX DT entry!! Good luck!

Roz said...

Yay Ang!! I am so glad you got your entry in, and I am wishing you the very best of luck!!! :o)

Roz xo