Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas is coming

I am almost finished christmas shopping. I seem to have an awful lot of gifts for Thomas and not many for anyone else. He is just so easy to buy for...he absolutley LOVES anything he likes...IYKWIM! Joseph just loves cars and all he wants is a real car to put in the garage next to ours (his words, not mine!). Good luck buddy!
Just a few gifts left to get for family and my friends and I will be done.
We had a great weekend. The boys got a set of bunk beds for their room. We have them as two singles for now, but when they are older, the option is there for them to be together. We also saw Hi5 in concert. Very exxy, but well worth the experience! Even for me. Every time I saw the boys enjoying themselves i got all teary!I would never pay for anyone under 2 though, they just don't have the attention span! So lucky I didn't get Audrey a ticket hey!
We went to a BBQ at Rosie and Clint's new house. It is really nice and Rose always makes her home look so comfortable so quickly. We always seem to look like we have just moved in, even though we moved here over 4 years ago!
Finally, some new pictures...

Thomas and Jose at Hi 5, Joseph and his best girl and Thomas, Rosie, Emmy and Jose on the way to the concert.


Roz said...

awww, how cute are these pics??!!!! And, I have to laugh, you have friends Rosie and CLint....well Clint's uncle calls me Rosie!! So we're Rosie and Clint too! (although, he does call CLint Clunk for some reason lol)

Sue said...

Joseph obviously has a way with the ladies ! So so cute.

Glad to hear you're getting all organised for Christmas....i must try and send some stuff back - not sure when the alst date is for the post though?! I have a few little presents for much fun buying for kids ! They can be combined christmas/birthday presents...

I can't believe she is 1 - wow - where has this year gone?

Take care mate...