Saturday, December 17, 2005

We're back!

We are back from holidays. We had such a great time, I was sad to be coming home. In the past, holidays in a unit have been trying at the best of times, but this holiday was unreal. Maybe it was because the kids were a little older, maybe I just have the hang of it a little better, but the whole four days went like a dream. The kids even slept well! Had to laugh at myself though, rocking up to the beach one morning with coffee and Greg's dark glasses....the result of too much bourbon the night before! I must have been a sight! But I did manage to make a very cool sand car complete with racing bars and popper holders for my two rev head boys!
I got some very cool shots there too. My camera guy, Michael said they were wow!!! It is taking far too long to upload them, so maybe next time, I can share them with you!
Christmas lights in the city tomorrow and a little party for playgroup on Sunday. Lots of Christmas celebrations everywhere....I think I have enough photos to do about 20 Christmas layouts! No Kidding...three santa photos, three putting up the tree, three photo shoots, three kindy party layouts, three pre kindy party layouts, three letters to Santa...all this before Christmas actually arrives.....then there are the photos of other people's children, that i love and have to scrap too! No wonder my pile of layouts to be put in an album is over 2 feet high! And I thought I would take less photos with a digital camera!!

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