Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hello world

Hello world!
Such a chipper start, you would think I was feeling on top of the world! Not so, but we can try hey! We have had a strange week here with lots of exciting things going on. My darling little Thomas had his first week at preschool and has adapted quite well. He is a bit tired and fell asleep at 11 am this morning and only got up a few minutes ago! (it is 2pm) I never thought I would be one of those mums who get teary when their kids started school. I have always looked forward to school life with the kids because it is something I am familiar with. What I didn’t bargain for was the complete upheaval in my life that school hours cause!
I am a routine girl. I like to know where I am going to be at a certain time of the day. I like the kids to have regular nap times. I like to do things in my time. So far, nothing has really disrupted this routine for almost 5 years. Even with the arrival of new babies and even moving house, we have been able to stay  pretty much the same all this time.
But with the arrival of school hours, nap times are out, Audrey is all over the place, Thomas is cranky and I don’t know what I am doing from one hour to the next. The ‘free spirited’ Aquarian in me wants to see where we end up, but the ‘control freak’ Aquarian wants to be oober organised. So while Thomas has enjoyed his time at Preschool, I am having difficulty adjusting to my new routine…pretty sad hey!
On the upside, I had been able to book Thomas into tennis lessons starting next week, they should be fun!
So here is to my first born, off at school, talking about all sorts of new and exciting things and beginning a wonderful journey.
On a much happier note, we had our first meeting with the new SAM DT on Friday night. Hope let us know all the cool things we would be doing for the next few months and it really does sound awesome. I am so lucky to be included in a group such as these talented and creative ladies…thanks Hope for giving me this unreal opportunity!


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Start of school has been 'fun' hasn't it?? Hope you get into routine quicker than I am. Hope Thomas has fun at tennis! xxS.