Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It's my birthday

So it wouldn’t be my birthday if it didn’t rain…and guess what….it just poured for about 2 minutes and now it is all over! So at least I can still technically say that it does ALWAYS rain on my birthday!

I have had a great day, thanks mainly to my great family and friends who really know how to spoil a girl! And who get me! You know, really understand what makes me happy. Greg even gave a speech at dinner…how sweet! And Thomas got me a rainbow ring instead of a rainbow gun…I will never forget that story!


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Roz said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ang! I know, a bit late here, but I got it on the right day on SAM lol!!

You and me are the same- it ALWAYS rains on my b'day too!!

Hope you had a lovely day :o)