Monday, February 27, 2006

Yay Yay Yay

Yay! Yay! Yay!

We got a contract on the house! I am sooo happy, but not really ready to get excited as it is subject to the sale of their house…and given our track record, we may be hanging around for a while! So we put in a clause that releases us from it if someone else comes along, but hopefully all will go well and we’ll be fine.

So we can relax again….phew!

Haven’t been up to much otherwise. I went back to netball last Tuesday night and had a BALL (excuse the pun!). I even played ok…B grade and all! But in the third quarter I stopped short and thought I had lifted both my toenails. PAIN! Turns out I had actually broken a toe! So now I am hobbling around the place like a little old lady! Hopefully it will be better by next week, coz I am DIEING to play again!

Stocktake at work at the moment too…last night I counted the papers….for 5 hours! And I loved it! I got to see all the papers that I usually brush over because I think I have seen them or used them or just forgot about them. I find it really inspirational to just look at product. One range I have not used enough of is the junkitz paperz … they are really nice and the colour combos are quite unusual! And of course I loved the Chatterbox papers…there is just something about their colours that makes me happy.

Have a great day everyone!
Love Ang xo


Julie LOVE said...

Oh no Ang!!! your poor toe..hope it is better for you for next week

Thanks for stopping by my blog too


Willisa Hogarth said...

Oh Ang that is such fantastic news about the house!!! Keeping everything crossed for you!!

Keep off those feet!!


Sara Pearcy said...

Wow Ang!! I'll keep my fingers AND TOES crossed for you (seeing as you can now only cross your fingers)!!

Hope all goes well, and your little toe heals quickly!!