Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Kel

It is one of my bestest friends birthday today…Happy Birthday Kel!

We celebrated by going for a drive down to Sanctuary Cove and having a posh lunch at Georges. It was so beautiful there and the window shopping was the best! I have that feeling now that I want to have a nap, but I know I need to go and get Thomas, so I can’t…maybe he will have a rest when he gets home and I may get to have one too!

I have been taking heaps of new pictures of late since I got the new lens for my birthday, so look out because no-one is safe. I think I am always in search of the perfect photo of everyone…one that truly captures their essence!  I have gotten close with some of the pictures of Joseph, but he is the only one. My friend took some truly AMAZING shots of Audrey the other day…she is starting her own photography business in Brisbane…she is REALLY good too!

We have had a bit of interest in the house this last week…maybe soon it will all go our way!

Scrapping wise I am in a bit of a slump…I have seen all the CHA releases but can’t have any of them. Makes me a bit sad really! I know that good things come to those that wait…but I am already tired of waiting!

Bye for now,
Ang xo

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Craig said...

A view into the life of Angela, interesting. I thought I would leave a little message to say g'day and look forward to catching up again in April. You are the only person in the world that links to my Blog. Thanks.

A belated happy birthday. It look forward to seeing the obvious imporvement you will get now you have the flash camera and the flash lens.