Sunday, April 23, 2006

Happy Easter Everyone! I know it is a late wish, but gee time gets away from me at the moment! We have been busy settling in to the new house and getting into a new has been lots of fun! I am glad to say I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Thought I might add some pics to this entry as it has been absolutely ages since I could...I wish there were more hours in the day

So here is the little girl taking some of her first glad I got some shots of her before she stopped walking round with her hands in the air for she runs! And it was only a few weeks ago that she took her first steps! She did the sweetest thing the other day. I was getting breakfast ready for the kids and she went into the pantry cupboard, opened the door, took out some museli bars, opened the box and got three out, then went and gave one to Thomas, one to Joseph and brought one back to me to open for sweet!
She had far too much chocolate on Esater Sunday, and Monday, and every day since!
Joseph loves his chocolate too but was far more willing to share than anyone else...his favourite present of the day was an egg that came with a die cast car...his fave of the moment a red Mini!

And my first Easter layout for the cyber crop at these chocolatey little cherubs!

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Sara Pearcy said...

Happy (belated) Easter, Ang. Love these photos - esp the one of Audrey walking! Cute skirt.

Love your Easter layout, too. See you on Friday! :)

xx S.