Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Nothing Better To Do!

Yep, sitting here with my foot elevated beside me...great image I know...nothing better to do, so I will update the blog!
I thought I would share some of the cute little pics we got of Thomas' Party...the one of the whole outdoor area didn't come up as well as I would have liked...but those kind of things are best left as a childhood memory. When I was a kid, everything seemed so much grander. I remember going to visit my Grandma's bachelor cousin as a little girl. He was a collector of books and fairies (hmm). In my mind he had the coolest home, with a HUGE library and a magical garden. In reality he lived in a small home, that was totally untidy and disorganised! So if I leave it up to Thomas to remember the big picture, hopefully it will stay cool in his mind a bit longer.
That cake...there is a whole other story...just note that my hand does NOT leave the base of the darn thing...far to adventurous thanks Womens Weekly!

My foot is starting to feel better a little. It aches of an evening though and itches like crazy! So glad I purchased a removable cast...at least I can have a shower and deoderise it a little!!!!

I did want to say a huge thankyou to Jenny for her lasagne, Joanne for her veges and Marni for that delicious chicken dish...the kids devoured it and Greg asked me to put it on the list...quite the compliment let me tell you!

We are getting foxtel next week...yay! I love channel surfing and have been hanging to get into Love My Way...am really missing my Claudia fix since Secret Life ended.

BTW...the pic of Audrey is of her watching us dither over the cake and the candles...how cute is that smile? My very good friend Nikala took these pictures at the party. She is starting up her own photography company in Brisbane...if you are interested in a sitting drop me a line and I will get you in contact with her...she is very good and extremely competitive!


Jen said...

My pleasure for the lasagne Angela. Glad the ankle is starting to feel a little better. I have the next three days off so if there is anything else I can do for you let me know

Sara Pearcy said...

How gorgeous is Audrey?? She has grown up SO much since I last saw her!! What a little girl she's become. The party looks fantastic and I hope Thomas remembers it to be magical - I'm sure he will.

Good luck to Nikala. I hope she does very well.

xx S.

Sue said...

Hey Ang,
So sorry to hear about your ankle, how annoying and frustrating that must be. I'm jumping on a plane to you this evening so will definitely pop over and visit as soon as I get over the jetlag - monday maybe? I get into Brisvegas on Friday morning.....let's talk then.
Can't wait to see you all and Audrey especially...


Alicia said...

Wow, Audrey looks reallyt different in that photo. Thomas looks like he had a great day.

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