Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Just a quick entry!

I am sooooo happy at the moment. My oldest bestest friend Sue from high school is in town from London for a couple of weeks and we are catching up soon. She is Audrey’s god mother too, so it will be good for them to get together. I just love that it can be years between visits and we are still close! That is real friendship!

I have been on my own for the first day today. It was a bit exhausting, but I managed a trip to the shops and all.... hope mum doesn’t read this.... she would tell me off for over doing it! I finally found a couple of cute little skirts for Audrey in Pumpkin Patch, so she doesn’t have to wear jeans all winter! Now we just need some more hair and we’ll be set.

I got some very cute photos of her in the bath tonight. We piled the bubbles up on her head in two little pigtails to see if they would suit her (*joke*)and she played up to the camera so well! It was heaps of fun!

Kel’s bubbies are doing well, especially Fergus. I even got a little cuddle when I went up to see them. She must be going crazy in hospital, it is a week now that she’s been there. I know I would be. Hopefully they will be able to take him  home soon, but I think Clancy will be there for a while (.

And finally, we got Foxtel today. We had it when we first moved in together about 9 years ago and not much has really changed. But there is a new station called Boomerang for children. It has all the shows that we watched as kids like Heman and She-Ra and Transformers (the original version). So cool! So now I will never get any scrapping done because I will forever be checking out the TV to be sure I don’t miss anything!

Have a great week!


Jen said...

make sure you take care of that ankle angela.

Marni said...

Glad to hear that things are going ok for you even though you are a "gumby" LOL! How ironic you just got foxtel as we just got it cut off.

Sara Pearcy said...

I'm coming to YOUR place, Ang!! It's been years since I last saw He-Man, She-Ra & Transformers. I loved them!

Glad to hear Kelly and the bubs are going well. Can't wait to meet them when they are all strong and out in the big wide world.

Look after yourself and your ankle, won't you? Funny we worry about what our Mum's will say if they find out we've been doing something we shouldn't! I guess that part of us never grows up!

Great to talk to you last night, too. :)

xx S.