Saturday, May 27, 2006

Totally partied out!

So Greg has been working HEAPS this so much he has barely seen the kids at all. And today of all days we had two birthday parties to go to. One was out at Karana Downs and the Other in at Gregory Park in a good 25 minutes each way from our house. I am totally exhausted...and so were the kids! All three of them were asleep by 6:15 - a record for Jose! But they did have a good time! Audrey got to dress up as a fairy for the first one and she looked sooooooo cute, wandering around with her little wand. I was going to take her dressed up to the second party, but some well meaning person gave her a sausage covered in tomato sauce and that was the end of the costume!

So we had a quick costume change and straight off to the second party!

These photos were all taken on Mother's Day, down by the river at New Farm. I was a bit disappointed with all the shadow that came through, but it was such a bright and sunny day! And how cute is Joseph's shirt...I am going to cut it up when it doesn't fit him any more and use it on a LO!!

I have been scrapping up a storm here again...sometimes I am so inspired and do a string of LO that I love and others I spend hours on a layout I wish I could throw away when I am done. Strangely enough, I am yet to do a LO of my dad that I really like!

Speaking of which, Dad had his gall bladder removed today. Please keep him in your thoughts. I know we all wish him a speedy recovery! has been one thing after another for our family this year...I hope the rollercoaster stops soon!

And finally...A layout for my hardworking and dedicated hubby who I don't get to spend nearly enough quality time with, but I know we will have many years ahead to catch it up!

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Alanna said...

I like this 2! This is beautiful!!

Alanna :)