Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Aunty Sue came to visit!

We have just this past week had a visit from my oldest and dearest friend from high school, Sue. She is over from London for a few weeks to meet her new baby neice and she dropped by to catch up with the kids. We had a great day together (once she got here...let's just say that she came to our place via Ipswich!). First she showed me one of the documentaries that she has been working on. It is airing on channel 7 later this year and is all about serial killers...very creepy but compelling stuff! Then we headed out to lunch at a local cafe before we picked Thomas up from school and the kiddies from kindy.
We got home...they showed off in the back yard for a bit, then we went down to feed the ducks. Thomas entertained us all with a story of the scary giant lizard that lives at the bottom of the lake and if we are very quiet he will jump up and eat all the ducks! Such a crack up!

Then off to the park for a play before we got home, fed the kids, gave them a bath, by which time we were totally knackered and flaked out on the couch til Greg came home! It was a great day...I wish she lived closer, but I know we will be friends for years to come, because it is still so easy to be with her.
Greg has been working really hard over the past month...and it is going to be worse over the next couple of weeks by the looks of things. I wish I could do more to help him out, but with my ankle still in a cast, it is hard enough looking after myself andthe kids.
Looks like we are off to Dreamworld in a week and a half...I haven't been there in ages so it will be heaps of fun! We should get some pretty good shots too!
Bye for now!


Willi Hogarth said...

OMG! How cute is Audrey in the bath! Have a great time in Dreamworld! xoxox

Jasmine said...

Great photos Angela. I love the one of Audrey in the bath - soooo cute :) - Jasmine