Thursday, July 20, 2006

Gee Time Gets Away...

It has been ages since I have blogged...and unfortunately I don't have too much to say tonight. Greg has been working his butt off, so I have been doing the whole kid thing solo...thank goodness for my mum who has helped out the past couple of days...I would be a basket case by now for sure if it wasn't for her.
The only thing that is remotely interesting that happened this week is that I went to a psychic. I have never been to see one before and it was very interesting. She picked me as I walked (bustled) up the drive, stopping to turn my handbag around the right way (anal). She kept going on about how wise I was and that I am a natural healer and I have a lot of power in my touch. She also saw Anne Marie and said some things from her that were a bit strange.
There were two things she said that were spot on. Firstly, she knew I had had a miscarriage in the past. She had picked out and angel for me and I got to pick one too. Both times, I got the angel Gabriel, which is the name we gave our baby. She saw him as a boy, which was no surprise to me. She also said he will be reborn into the family, not as one of my children, but someone else's. Interesting.
The other thing only dawned on me when I was talking to my sister. She kept telling me there was an older lady who had passed called Mary, insisting on saying hello and passing on some flowers. I was adamant I didn't know who she was, but she kept 'popping in' throughout the reading. Maybe she was an old family friend from church who passed last year. She gave Greg and I this white vase as an enagagement gift and was always asking about us, even though we hadn't seen her in years.
The psychic also thought that I had some spiritual powers and all the other cards I pulled indicated this. She said she could see me doing readings in the look out Alison Duboire, here comes Ang O'Neale!
There were a lot of things she said that were generic to people i.e. birth order characteristics. And there were some things she said that made NO Poppy giving me a huge bowl of fruit!???! but she piked me as a teacher and she knew I wanted to try something else and predicted a new course in the next few years, so that is good news I suppose.
All that gave me a really bad migraine, so I went home to bed, then to the doctor for a shot, cause it would not let up! Don't think I will let anyone poke around in my head again for a while!
So the only good thing about Greg working all week is that I have been able to scrap every night. Some of it was for the newsletter, others were just quickies trying to clear the backlog. The others are nice...absolutely covered in glitter glaze too I might add! In that note I have just found a dried blob of the stuff in my I am off to clean up and then off to bed! Sweet Dreams. xo


Belinda said...

Mmmm, very interesting.
Makes you think doesn't it!!
Are you feeling better today?


Leisa said...

I am too scared to go to a pyschic. I think i am too afraid of what they might say...i did buy myself a set of tarot cards though.

I hope you weren't too drained from the migraine

Alicia said...

Wow Ang, that is all really interesting stuff. I'm like Leisa, I'd be worried about hearing bad or upsetting things. Curious though.

Joanne Hutchison said...

It'd be interesting to see what the psychic would say about me.

Hope you are feeling better.


Marni said...

Wow a psychic...I had a bad reading once and have always been scared to go back but your reading sounded interesting...something to think about I guess.

jody said...

....never have had a "bad reading"..than again the lady i see does not request payment for what she careful when you go that you dont get over charged by some one who has no idea...iykwim.......