Monday, July 24, 2006

My Famous friend

Ok, well she is not famous in the conventional sense, but she has made it to TV!!!!

Born to Kill? - Ivan Millat Wednesday Jul 26 8:30pm Seven
The Backpacker Killer - Australia's worst solo serial killer - is now serving life for the murders of seven hitchhiking backpackers between 1989 and 1992. Features interviews with his family, a criminal psychologist, his boss, an anthropologist, a criminal profiler, police, prosecuting attorney and authors. Explore his motivation, family background and the possibility of further involvement in more murders.

My oldest friend Sue Produced and Directed this documentary. I have had a sneak peak at it and it is chilling! A bit close to home and a brilliant documentary. Sue moved to London to pursue her film career and while I miss her terribly, whenever she comes home it is just like old times!
Here is a LO I did for her from her last trip ...I LOVE this image of her!

So watch channel 7 on Wednesday night...if you dare!


Jasmine said...

I'll definitely be watching - I saw an ad for that tonight. I've read a couple of books about it. What a bizzare family the Milats are.

Belinda said...

Sounds interesting..i'll have to tape it and watch it during the day..i'm a
Great Lo too..I love the pp's, what are they??


Angela said...

Gee, Belinda...where is that baby???
They are KI Memories 'Posh', the new collections. SAM has them in the 'Hopeful' colours. I got these from the states.

jody said...

..hubbhy and i read the book...will be watching....

francineA said...

Oh yeh im going to watch that tonight for sure!!! On congrats to your friend for following her dreams and succeeding,,,I love hearing about female role models that i can tell my daughter about..

Sue said...

Hope you all liked the show !!!

Thanks for your support Ang.