Friday, August 11, 2006

yay it's the weekend take 2

I have no idea what happened then...I didn't even get to start typing and my computer uploaded my unfinished post for me!

So what has been happeneing with me? Well I have been running here and there this week like a mad chook. Greg is still hard at work til all hours, so I am trying to do it all. It has been really difficult because mum, who is usually able to lend a hand, has started back at a new job, so I haven't had her around for a couple of weeks now. Aside from the fact I miss her company, I have really noticed her absence!

The kids are fine though. Thomas had a run in with the bathroom floor on Tuesday night, so I had to call mum and get her over pronto. Luckily our local doctor fit us in and we could get stitched up up there, or we would have been waiting at the hospital for hours!!! They are so good to us.

Audrey has started lying to me. I was gobsmacked the other day. She took my keyys out of my back pocket and I turned around and said "Did you take my keys?" "No" she says, as only she can! "So what is in your hand then?" I asked. She held up the empty hand with a look of innocence on her face. "No, the other hand." I she swapped hands and held it up and looked at me as if to go "nothing der"!!! Ratbag, she is going to be trouble for sure!

Joseph is just beautiful, but such a handful. I wish three year olds had volume control!!! His voice echos and carries for miles. I am sure the neighbours at the other end of the street can hear him!

I have no idea whay these images are sooo sucky...May have to scan them rather than photograph them. They are just two of the twenty three layouts I have completed in the last week! Gotta use up my stash before all the new CHA stuff arrives...I can't wait til it does!!!!!

Have a great weekend...we have two birthday celebrations on Sunday, they should be fun!


Alicia said...

Hi. I hope Thomas is OK. I can so see Audrey doing that. She's so cute. I can't believe how many layout you do a week. You are a machine.

Leisa said...

I got a good laugh over you using your stash up before CHA stuff arrives as I am doing something similiar

Marni said...

Glad to hear all the kids are well...I am gobsmacked that you can get so many LO's done in a really dod have this down to a fine art! The LO's are beautiful by the way.

Belinda said...

OMG..23 LO's..can you pass on some of that mojo to me please?? lol.
Sounds like you've been a busy girl, with family and scrapping!
My three year old is the same...she NEVER stops talking!! lol.
Have a great weekend..I'm off to try and scrap a LO..wish me luck!

lusi said...

WHAT THE GIRL????? 23 lo's man that is so impressive!!! Well done - Go mojo, go mojo, go go go mojo - c'mon sing along...
How funny is Audrey!!!
Hope Thomas' head is healing well.
Lus x

Sara Pearcy said...

Twenty-three??? What the....???? Wow, that is amazing. Now I know where Jill's & my Mojo is!!

I hope Thomas is okay and good luck with Audrey!! lol - I can just see that little expression. We should get Christopher & Jose together more often, they can be loud together.

xx S.

francineA said...

Love your brothers layout Ang...hope your little guy is feeling better after his accident..and you just gotto love little

Anonymous said...

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