Tuesday, August 15, 2006

accident prone!

I am the biggest dill in the world! If having a split disc in my back is not enough, I have just gone a spilt boiling pasta sauce straight from the microwave on both of my hands! Now is NOT the time to be rendering myself useless, but I seem to be doing a pretty good job of it! I tell you…this has been the worst year for accidents for me! There must be a major planetary misalignment somewhere!


Alicia said...

Oh no Ang. I hope it doesn't hurt too much.

Sue said...


Be careful mate !!


Jasmine said...

OMGoodness Angela!!! I hope you're OK. I hope you're not to badly burnt. Look after yourself :)

Joanne Hutchison said...

Holy Moly Girl, you are really doing yourself some injuries. Hoping everything is ok.

Please take care.


Belinda said...

Ahhh...Ang..be careful!! lol
I bet that hurt. How are your hands now? Good excuse to do nothing hey.. :)

jilly said...

Oh Ang....you goose! glad to hear you're as graceful as I am lol!
xx Jill

Rett said...

Oh no, there would be safer ways to take your mind off the back pain! Hope your hands weren't too badly burned, Angela :-(
Take care,
Rett xx

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