Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Urwin

It was so sad today to hear that Steve Urwin died. Thomas has always loved him, he was the first celebrity he recognized. I think he was about 2 when he first went to Australia Zoo, and we have visited every year since then. He was a real Australian Ambassador and helped make the everyday person aware of environmental issues that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. What was important to him was not always important to us, but in the grand scheme, he was one top Aussie bloke.  I truly feel for the young family he has left behind.


Belinda said...

I agree Ang. Steve was a great person and a great Australian. (not that i knew his personally :)
I also feel for his poor poor famimly. It is such sad news!
Hopw all is well in your household.
Chat soon

Leisa said...

It was a very surreal day

Belinda said...

Ang, where are you?? I miss you...*sob sob*
Is everything ok??