Tuesday, August 22, 2006

i am one lucky girl!

I just got home from Hope's where I have been unpacking the shipment from the states. All I can say is WOWOOWOWOW!!!!
You know when you move house and everything is in boxes and the first day is just sooo overwhelming, but by the end of it, everything looks like it was unpacked all along? Well that is what is was like tonight. So much beautiful stuff to scrap with...Greg will forget what I look like when I get my stash pulled! we will be working every night this week to get all the orders out first. The first chance I will get to scrap will be on the weekend! Roll on Saturday!
Greg has still been working a lot, so I have been scrapping most nights (don't tell the physio, I am not supposed to sit for longer than 10 minutes at a stretch!). Got stacks of layouts completed and uploaded a lot of them into my SAM gallery. Some I have saved...not sure what to do with them yet.
All the house plans are in and yay! we are pretty much ready to go. I love what our designer came up with. Nice clean lines, no wasted space...gotta love that!
I'd best be off to bed...Audrey will be up soon...the ratbag has decided that mummy's bed is more comfortable than hers, so I get to share my side of the bed with her most nights. The other day I sat her down and told her she couldn't sleep in mummy's bed tonight. 'Why?' she asks. 'Because mummy needs to sleep' 'Why?' 'So I am not cranky.' 'Why?' The neverending why! She did sleep through that night though!


Alicia said...

Hi Ang, I'm missing seeing your layouts. Maybe you could put a few here for me. Well done on the house plans. What a relief. Audrey is so beautiful.

Belinda said...

Im jelous! You lucky thing! I bet you wish you win lotto so you can buy one of everything!! lol.
Can't wait to see your LO's after Saturday!
I'd better pop over to SAM to check out your gallery. I haven't been there for ages!


Leisa said...

Oh, i can't wait to see more of the new CHA stuff in the flesh.

Sara Pearcy said...

Yay for having the plans in! Onto the next exciting step, now! Audrey is so cute. I can't just hear her saying "Why?" in her little angel voice.

xx S.